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Invest in Art

To purchase an artwork, users can access the “Invest” section, where they can buy or sell the artworks offered every Thursday, which is currently the “Trading Day”. Bid and ask prices for all listed limited edition artworks are visible and easily accessible on the trading floor. This emulates the functionality of a trading app, thus enabling  users to make informed and proactive decisions.

The “Invest” section follows a bid/ask model that is characterised by its dynamic structure. Specifically, the term “ask” denotes the price at which a given artwork is offered for sale, while “bid” denotes the price at which Weng Art Invest is willing to acquire back the artwork. In accordance with convention, the bid price is always lower than the ask price, the differential of which is commonly referred to as the “spread.” As a reflection of the supply and demand of a given asset, the spread is subject to fluctuation. As such, the spread can be considered as a measure of supply and demand for an artwork. A smaller spread typically suggests greater asset liquidity.

The Invest section will currently be open for trading on Thursday 9.00am-5.30pm CET (parallel to XETRA opening). This guarantees you the opportunity to buy and sell on more than hundred days a year. 


In the history section you are able to keep track of previous prices for the listed art editions.

This section is visible to both users that own an artwork as well as viewing users. This way, all users are able to get an overview of the performance of the listed limited editions and thus make informed decisions on their purchases. 

Weng Art Invest allows you to make informed decisions by showing the activities that take place on the trading floor. We aim at promoting transparency and accessibility.

The Investment Platform, where buying, selling and redeeming art is one click away.

Manage Your Portfolio

The portfolio section provides users with a personalised view of their artworks and their assets performance. The section is divided into two main components: assets and performance. 

Within the assets section, users can view a list of their owned artworks and access the detailed page of each selected limited edition.

The performance section displays the overall performance of the user’s portfolio, including the price chart of their artworks. To help analyse portfolio performance, graphs and data are also available in this section.

Users can also use their personal portfolio to sell their artwork(s) to Weng Art Invest or redeem their assets.

Trade Your Assets

Upon selecting an artwork on the trading floor, users are redirected to the asset detail page where all important information about the artwork, as well as a content sheet, are available. 

The content sheet provides comprehensive details on both the artwork and the artist. From this page, users can initiate the purchase process by selecting the “BUY ASSET” button.

By clicking “BUY ASSET” the buying process is initiated:

  1. Asset confirmation
  2. Filling in billing address
  3. Payment method selection
  4. Overview & confirmation of purchase

Sales on our platform are limited to trading days, which currently only occur on Thursdays between 9.00am – 5.30pm (CET).

When purchasing an artwork, users may receive immediate confirmation of purchase or a notification indicating that another trade is currently in progress. In such cases, users will have to wait until the prices are adjusted in accordance with the most recent trade. If the new “bid” price is accepted, the purchase can be finalised.

Upon a successful purchase, users receive the order confirmation and an invoice. On full payment of this invoice, the user becomes the sole legal owner of the artwork. The user receives a proof of purchase and a certificate of ownership – both digitally and via mail – and the image of the purchased artwork will appear in their personal portfolio section.

Every trading day, Weng Art Invest updates bid prices in the “Invest” section. When users decide to request a sale for the updated bid price, they can initiate a sale request in their personal portfolio section under the respective artwork. It is important to note that sale requests can only be made during trading days which currently only occur on Thursdays.

Upon clicking “SELL ASSET”, the sale request will be promptly submitted and processed accordingly.

  1. Users confirm they want to submit a sale request for the defined bid price
  2. Users submit bank account details to receive the funds if the request is successful
  3. Confirmation of sale request 

After we receive and review a sale request, we will notify the users if their request has been accepted and processed or if there is another ongoing trade. If another trade is in progress, users will need to wait until the prices are adjourned based on the latest trade. Users may be offered a new “bid” price, and if they agree, we will process the sale request.

It is important to note that any potential price adjustment during a trade is based on the traditional principles of supply and demand, which can impact the market value of an artwork.

After a 12 month holding period, users can redeem their artwork at any time. This holding period follows a general practice in the art market and serves to prevent direct resale in the traditional market (“flipping”). 

Weng Art Invest offers its clients the rare opportunity to purchase artworks and store them at a very attractive price, and usually below their market value. However, it is a priority to us, to prevent traditional art business and distributors from being burdened by the sales happening on the trading platform. 

To redeem an artwork, users enter their portfolio, select the asset they wish to redeem and click “REDEEM ASSET”. They will then be redirected to the redemption process.

  1. Confirmation that the right asset was selected
  2. Decision to collect the artwork or get it shipped
  3. Submission of shipping address 
  4. Accept quote for insured shipping 
  5. Selection payment method to cover costs for insured shipping 
  6. Recap & completion of redemption process

The token corresponding to the physical artwork will then be transferred to our wallet and it will be burned. Please note, that after the artwork has been shipped and the corresponding token has been burned, it will not be possible to place it back on the platform.

Once the insured shipping payment is received, the redeemed artwork will be dispatched within 10 working days.

Users also have the option to pick up the artwork from our Freeport Facility.