“The future of the art market is the financial market.”

-Rüdiger K. Weng, CEO Weng Fine Art AG

Our Vision

Weng Art Invest was established on the visionary concept of its founder, Rüdiger K. Weng, whose goal was to merge the art and financial markets. By specializing in tokenized art editions, created by world renowned artists, Weng Art Invest offers price transparency, low entry barriers and an easy way to trade their artworks.

Weng Fine Art’s mission is to democratize art investment by using cutting-edge technology to provide investors with access to high-quality art assets and to make investing in art as easy as possible.

With the creation of Weng Art Invest, the WFA Group leverages its extensive experience in the art market and takes advantage of the growing demand for art. With its high equity ratio, long-standing partnerships with banking institutions, and the founder’s background in finance and trading, WFA is the perfect partner to launch a new platform that combines art investment and financial technology.

While the blockchain technology will initially only be used for internal and technical management, it sets the groundwork for future platform expansion, including peer-to-peer trading. Another idea is to enable users to trade their tokenized artworks on different marketplaces by connecting their own wallets.

Combining the Art and Financial Markets

Despite the significant progress of digitalization in the art market in recent years, many people still lack access to it. A range of circumstances complicates potential buyers’ ability to purchase art, including opaque pricing, difficulty in comparing works, high extra costs, and challenging conditions for resale.

With Weng Art Invest, we offer a platform that enables anyone, regardless of their expertise, to easily purchase and sell art. Our platform features a selection of top-quality works from the best artists worldwide, with transparent pricing and no additional costs, and provides the option to sell the artwork at any time or collect the physical piece.

When purchasing an artwork on our platform, the buyer obtains full ownership of the underlying asset. Asset holder can follow the development of their assets in their portfolio and offer to resell it on every trading day. The artwork will be stored in our freeport storage facility, and after a holding period of minimum 12 months (see FAQs), users have the option to retrieve the physical artwork and have it delivered to their home.

Our team carefully selects the artworks featured on our platform, ensuring both reliability and transparency in terms of pricing and potential value appreciation. Our platform guarantees a secure, efficient, and straightforward way to buy art, with no intermediaries involved and no extra charges.

Upon purchasing an artwork through Weng Art Invest, buyers attain full legal ownership of the piece. Our company, in turn, acts as a custodian, securely storing the artwork in our freeport storage facility. In the unlikely event of our company’s insolvency, all artworks held in trust will be excluded from the insolvency estate, thereby ensuring that all users will retain their rightful ownership of the artworks.

Source: Deloitte & ArtTactic Art & Finance Report 7th Edition

Buy and sell tokens
during trading days
Keep track of all previous
transactions and activities
taking place on the platform

Invest in limited edition and
profit from their increase in value

Follow the performance of your assets

Our Solution

Some aspects inherent to the art market might still prevent potential investors from seeing art as an asset. Weng Art Invest aims to fill the gaps by allowing everyone to fully leverage the art market’s potential.

The main challenges that Weng Art Invest helps you to overcome are:

Acquiring art usually involves settling various ancillary expenses on top of the artwork’s value itself like VAT, sales and import taxes, artist loyalties, transportation, installation, storage, maintenance, or insurance. At Weng Art Invest, we guarantee full transparency and clarity in pricing, with no hidden or supplementary charges. 

Access to pricing information in the art market is frequently limited due to gallery and private sales that are not publicly disclosed. Public auctions and online marketplaces may also fall short in providing a complete picture of all sales. To address this issue, Weng Art Invest aims to promote transparency by providing value development constantly to all users. 

The art industry is known to have very high entry barriers. Weng Art Invest specializes in limited editions artworks, which have the peculiarity of a much lower price point than most unique artworks.

Investing in artworks is somehow comparable to investing in real estate or classic cars. These assets are highly costly and mostly illiquid, thus cannot easily be sold for quick cash. Weng Art Invest offers limited edition artworks, which are characterised by a much more liquid and dynamic market.

Selling an artwork might be a very lengthy and costly process, mostly involving the participation of third-parties such as auction houses, dealers or galleries. Weng Art Invest guarantees a much more simplified process.

Without expertise in the field, it can be challenging to keep up with the latest art trends, blue-chip artists, or changes in pricing. At Weng Art Invest, our team is equipped to help you navigate the complexities of the art market, ensuring a seamless and rewarding experience.

Artworks by blue-chip artists are not easy to get your hands on and investors might have to resort to different intermediaries such as art dealers and auction houses – services accompanied by large costs. With Weng Art Invest, selling your artwork(s) does not involve any intermediaries.

In the art world you will be confronted with the problem of counterfeit items, frauds and other uncertainties. Our long-standing partnership with the artists and manufacturers of the editions traded guarantees livelong authenticity and quality/condition for all our limited editions.

Learn more about the challenges and the solutions we offer to buy art as an investment in our dedicated “Art as an Asset” section.