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Discover our innovative platform, where buying and selling art is as easy and secure as buying and selling shares on the stock exchange.

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Weng Art Invest:
Your Platform for Buying and Trading Art

On our platform you can buy and invest in selected limited editions by the most renowned artists – with just one click. It is as easy and secure as buying or trading trading stocks.

The purchased assets will be stored and insured in a bonded warehouse in trust for you. This means that in the highly unlikely event of our company’s insolvency, your assets will not be part of the insolvency estate and you will continue to be the rightful owner of the product. By buying an artwork on our platform, all services are included – there will be no extra costs for storage or insurance. 

In the portfolio overview, you can follow how the value of your investments develops. You can decide at any time whether you want to hold the asset, sell it or have the underlaying physical artwork delivered to your home.

Our Platform, Your Assets

Reliable Partner

Weng Art Invest is a brand of ArtXX AG in Switzerland, which is part of the Weng Fine Art Group in Germany. This Company...

Financially Strong

ArtXX AG has consistently maintained profitability since its establishment in 2014. With its high...

Held in Trust

Weng Art Invest is committed to providing a seamless art trading experience, with a focus on...

Full Ownership

Upon purchasing an artwork at Weng Art Invest, the buyer will be the exclusive legal owner ...

Our Vision

Weng Art Invest’s vision is to merge the art and financial markets by offering tokenized limited edition artworks created by world-renowned artists. 

Weng Fine Art Group aims to democratize art investments by providing price transparency, low entry barriers, and an easy way to trade artworks. With extensive experience in the art market, the company leverages cutting-edge technology to provide clients with access to high-quality art edition, that can also serve as valuable investment assets

We want to contribute to the establishment of art not only as a collectable but also as a mainstream asset class for investment purposes. To achieve this, we intend to further develop the core principle of our platform, which involves creating digital twins of physical artworks to enable their tradeability, and expand it to allow for peer-to-peer trading on various digital asset platforms.

Art as an Asset

Art can not only be something beautiful. It can also be an attractive investment option due to its potential for high returns, while exhibiting relatively low correlation with other financial assets. This quality has made the art market a popular alternative asset class for investors looking to diversify their portfolios. Moreover, art’s tangible value makes it a relatively inflation-safe investment.

Therefore, investing in art can be both a personally fulfilling and potentially lucrative endeavor for those with access to information and trends within this niche market.

Erwin Wurm Shine, Light, Wobbly, Melt 2022-2023

Weng Art Invest Clients

The product is easy to use and offers great returns. It is ideal for investors who are looking for an easy way to grow their money.

– Mike Money  |. CEO of XYZ

This app is awesome! The service is excellent and the professional team is very well qualified.

-Stefan Shareholder  |. Investor of ABC

A few months ago I was looking for a way to start investing my savings in alternative & profitable assets. And then I found RUDY invest.

-Caleb Consulting  |. Business Analyst at 321

Limited Art Editions

The market for limited art editions has grown rapidly in recent years: In 2022, almost hundred million dollar worth of modern and contemporary prints and editions were sold on the secondary market compared to $57 million in 2020.¹

Investing in limited editions can be a wise choice for several reasons. First, limited art editions have a limited supply, which will make them more valuable over time. As the edition becomes rarer, its value usually increases, providing an opportunity for a profitable resale. Secondly, limited art editions can offer a lower price point for collectors who are interested in investing in art but may not have the budget for unique paintings. This accessibility can allow more individuals to enter the art market which should create a more liquid market. Lastly, this leads to the fact that limited editions are more frequently available on the market, which means there is greater transparency around their pricing.

1 ArtTactic Market Analysis, Prints & Editions, 2022, p. 4


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Weng Fine Art AG

The company behind Weng Art Invest

Weng Fine Art AG (WFA) is one of the leading art trading companies in Europe. Headquartered in Monheim am Rhein, the company was founded in 1994 by Rüdiger K. Weng and has been the only listed art trading company in Europe since 2012. With a team of financial, art and digital experts, the company serves customers all over the world.